Asphalt Emulsion Webinar Series
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This series of webinars explains the characteristics of asphalt emulsions and their uses as well as information about when, where, and how emulsions should be used. This webinar will also help you evaluate pavement systems for construction and maintenance, and choose the emulsion that best fits your project’s specific conditions.
This webinar series closely follows AI’s new MS-19 Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual. Although MS-19 is not required, you are encouraged to purchase a copy at our web store before viewing the webinar recordings.
This series features five (5) 120-minute (2 hours) webinar sessions. Instructors are nationally recognized experts from AI member companies.


Session 1: Introduction, Chemistry
Instructor: Chris Lubbers, KRATON Polymers
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Session 2: Storage, handling & sampling testing, selecting the right grade
Instructor: Laurand Lewandowski, PRI Asphalt Technologies

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Session 3: Surface treatment (chip seals, slurry, micro, etc.)
Instructor: Mark Ishee, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.
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Session 4: Emulsion aggregate mixtures
Instructor: Arlis Kadrmas, BASF Corporation
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Session 5: Asphalt pavement recycling, miscellaneous applications
Instructor: Keith Davidson, McAsphalt Industries Ltd.
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Who Should Attend
This webinar is designed for technicians, engineers, facility and asset managers, planners, or others who need to enhance their knowledge of emulsions and their uses. This includes contractors, consultants, engineers, federal agencies such as FAA, FHWA, and military as well as DOD contractors, state, city and county officials, Metropolitan Planning and similar officials and academia.

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