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Straddled with limited budgets, agencies around the country are searching for the most cost-effective treatments to optimally address their wide array of pavement preservation and maintenance challenges. The combination of two or more traditional non-structural surface treatments to address specific types and levels of distress is increasing in popularity. An example of a combination surface treatment is a Cape Seal , which is a single-layer Chip Seal followed by a Slurry Seal or a Microsurfacing. Besides following standard Chip Seal and Slurry Seal best practices and specifications, there are special considerations that need to be addressed because of the combination of treatments; cure time before the slurry, aggregate sizes, application rates, etc.

This webinar will discuss the use of several different combination preservation treatments that are now being widely used; Cape Seal, Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer, Fog Seal over Chip Seal, Surface Treatments over Crack Treatments, etc. These tailored combination treatments provide a durable final surface as well as being a very cost effective approach to improving the pavement condition. This session provides information on how to get the best possible results with these combination preservation treatments.
•  Identify combination treatments
•  Appropriate application of these combinations for optimal benefit
•  Special considerations due to the combination of treatments
•  Material selection and design
•  Quality Control during construction
•  Expected performance

A recommended resource for this webinar recording is MS-19 Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual.

Chuck Ingram – Slurry Pavers
Doug Ford – Pavement Recycling Inc.

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