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The Asphalt Institute Turns 100Basic Roofing Technician TrainingBasic Emulsion Technician TrainingThe Asphalt Institute Foundation EstablishedA New HSE Training VideoBitumen Monograph ReviewAI Sponsors “Observer Academy”Monograph 103Global Trade Association Alliance FormedAI Launches the EPIC Program

The Asphalt Institute Foundation Established

The Asphalt Institute Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit public foundation was established with the mission to conduct strategic research and educational activities that are designed to advance and improve the liquid asphalt industry.  
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A New HSE Training Video

HSE produced a 13 minute training video covering first aid for occupational injury [thermal burn] resulting from contact with liquid asphalt.  
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Monograph 103

The International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France announced that monograph 103, scheduled for October of 2011, would focus on a review of the carcinogenicity potential of bitumen and bitumen fume.
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AI Launches the EPIC Program

AI Launches EPIC (Experiential Participatory Image-Driven Connective), a program designed to foster future leaders within AI and develop Institute member for further industry leadership.  
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