The Asphalt Institute Laboratory Services provide a full array of aggregate and mixture design testing including:
Mixture Design:
Superpave Mixture Design | Marshall Mixture Design
Aggregate Testing:
Sieve analysis | Sand Equivalent | Coarse and Fine Aggregate Angularity
Coarse and Fine Aggregate Gravity | Flat and Elongated Particles
Miscellaneous Tests:
Extraction and recovery of mixtures | Corelok testing | Methylene Blue | Micro-Deval
Extraction & Recovery Test
These tests remove asphalt binder from the asphalt mixture by chemical solvent. They are useful for mixture investigation and research to measure binder properties after the construction or from in-place pavements. First the binder is “washed” from the aggregate using a solvent. Next the mineral fines are removed from the asphalt-solvent blend by a high speed centrifuge. Finally the solvent is removed from the binder using rotary evaporation unit, ASTM D5404.