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1995 – The NETTCP (North East Transportation Training and Certification Program) binder technician program was formed as a cooperative effort within the NEAUPG ( North East Asphalt User/Producer Group).

The goals of the NETTCP are:

  • Increase The knowledge of production and field technicians
  • Reduce the problems associated with test result differences
  • Eliminate individual state certification programs and the issue of reciprocity
  • Move forward in standardization of test methods and test procedures used by North Eastern states

2000’s – The Asphalt Institute (AI) began work on the idea of a national binder technician certification.

2008 – AI launched the NBTC (National Binder Technician Certification) program.

TODAY – The NETTCP and NBTC programs share the same text, lecture and examinations, and are FULLY RECIPROCAL.