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This webinar presents information on Carbon Tax and Carbon Footprint calculation for residential, arterial and HMA pavements and compare these to PCC pavements. In addition, the 50 year life cycle carbon footprint of a PCC, HMA and long life HMA (perpetual pavement) pavement is also presented. This information is geared to the paving practices in Ontario, Canada as the Ministry of Transportation in this jurisdiction has a well developed LCCA package for alternative bid projects that can be used as a basis of comparison.

The following details will be covered in the presentation:

  • Brief description of the carbon cycle as it applies to climate change
  • Carbon tax – issues and calculations
  • Carbon footprint models and calculations
  • Carbon footprint comparisons between PCC and HMA pavements for typical residential, arterial and multi-lane highway pavements
  • 50 year life cycle carbon footprint calculations for a PCC, HMA and long life HMA pavement

Download: (1.1MB) Carbon Footprint Presentation Slides


Professional Development Hours:

  • 1.5 hrs., 1.5 PDHs

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  • Sandy Brown


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