Issues receiving emailed messages from the Asphalt Institute’s web portal?

We have been made aware that some users are not receiving the email messages generated by our new web portal. For example, password resets, event registration notifications, purchase invoices and receipts, etc. It is reported that these emails are being deposited into the user’s Spam, Junk or Clutter folders. However, quite a few are not receiving these messages to any mailbox.

The first option is client level whitelisting

Whitelisting refers to the process of granting a specific IP address, domain or email address access to a server or system. With client level whitelisting you would be telling your email client (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.) that specific messages are being sent by a known, safe sender.

The Asphalt Institute uses the following:

  • EMAIL:

The Asphalt Institute also uses the following:

  • EMAIL: or directly from our Media and Publications Manager
  • EMAIL: directly from the AIF Program & Development Manager

The next option is IT level whitelisting

This refers to passing this page to your company’s IT department, so they can update the company email server settings. The IT department should whitelist the Asphalt Institute domains listed above as well as the SendGrid, ClickDimensions, and Docebo domain(s). This will tell the email server that it should expect to receive emails from any from address containing these domains.

Your IT department is also welcome to contact the Asphalt Institute’s IT department directly if they have any questions. Email or by phone 859.288.4992.