Tech Tips of Christmas

  1. Swabs a swabbing
    Brought to you by the letter Q. In addition to all the amazing uses for swabs in the binder lab, these little wonders are perfect for painting on glue before applying the glitter to those holiday decorations.
  2. tins containing
    We can hardly “contain” our excitement. Did you know that 8-ounce tin you were gonna scrape your PAV pans into can also be used as the perfect fruitcake baking pan!?
  3. Brookfields spinning
    Product Review: Brookfield Rotational Viscometer DV 3T. Sure, go ahead and determine the estimated laboratory mixing and compaction temperatures for unmodified binders but where’s the fun in that? Haven’t you always wondered about the viscosity of figgy pudding?
  4. beams not sticking
    Product review: Lab Lease Paper. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will stick to this stuff. That means Bending Beam Rheometer Specimens AND sugar cookies!
  5. clips a clipping
    A collection of tech tips. Binder clips! We love them from marking the spot for your mass change bottles to clipping Christmas cards to a ribbon for all to see. There are two additional bonus tips in this box for you to enjoy.
  6. cutters cutting
    Making the cut. After you cut those separation tubes, unless you are in love with them, head out after the holidays and cut the darn lights off the landscaping. Your relaxation time will thank you.
  7. pans a stacking
    Building up. Counter space is at as much of a premium in the binder lab as it is in the holiday kitchen! Use squares of cardboard to build up, not out!
  8. drills a drilling
    Take the pressure out of aging. Show that PAV who is boss and build a nativity scene manger that will become a family heirloom.
  9. Krafters krafting
    Getting Krafty in your lab. Cover those lab counters with this miracle paper and never scrub again and then take some home, wad the heck out of it and just when you think you’ve wadded enough, wad some more! Now, flatten it out and wrap your gifts.
  10. Beams a parking
    Decreasing BBBs by increasing BBS with a BBR BBP. This ingenious space saver can be used to increase the size of your BBR bath or pop a few fake poinsettias in the holes for a festive center piece.
  11. Ooooornery rings!
    Ornery o-rings. Save your manicure and apply the o-rings to your BBR molds with ease. These rings can also control the population of your holiday livestock: reindeer.
  12. bottles turn
    Rolling thin film awesome. Sure, an RTFO bottle is the perfect hack to hold a separation tube for its long dry sauna but have you thought about handing them out to your buddies and filling them with a micro-brew during that New Years day bowl game?
  13. pipettes
    Dirty BBR bath? Clean it up! Selectively suck out binder bits without emptying your BBR bath or have fun with the kids decorating Christmas cookies with this 50mg pipet and bulb duo.
  14. spongy tins
    Sponge worthy. Quickly apply the perfect amount of release agent to those BBR end pieces, then present this to the cook in your family. Melt butter, pop in the sponge and butter those hot cross buns like a pro.
  15. And a BactiZapper giving us heat
    Zap to it. Flip it on and sterilize your surgical tools, heat your DSR trimming tool and last but not least, pop one kernel at a time to make the world’s most time consuming rustic popcorn garland.

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