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A joint Asphalt Institute/NAPA task force was formed in late 2019 to address the topic of recycled plastics in asphalt. The objective of the task force was to develop a document that would synthesize the literature, and from that describe current state of the knowledge while identifying knowledge gaps and future research needs.

This objective was completed in Nov 2020 with the release of these two free downloadable documents.

The 33-page Part A state of the knowledge document provides a background, an overview of the waste plastic stream, a summary of the literature review, discussion of knowledge gaps and future research needs.

The 136-page Part B literature review report serves as an annex to Part A. The report covers more than 110 research reports, journal articles, trade publications and magazine articles. A 14-page guidance table is provided at the beginning to summarize for each study the year of publication, authors, title, type of recycled plastics used, method of incorporating recycled plastics in asphalt, and overall scope. Following the 14-page table, a brief synthesis of each study is provided that discusses the scope of work, documented findings, and recommendations.