Distinguished Service Award - Dave Punnett

Dave Punnett

Dave Punnett attended Texas A&T University and began his career in the oil industry with Mid-Region Petroleum followed by positions ranging from sales through management with National Petroleum Sales prior to starting his own company in 1990.
Dave and his partner’s company, Frontier Terminal and Trading Company, was later sold to SemMaterials, LP, a division of the SemGroup, in 2005.
He then became Vice President, Asphalt Supply & Logistics for SemMaterials. His expertise includes the buying, selling, blending, storage and distribution of asphalts, residual fuel oils, feedstocks and carbon black oils by truck, rail and barge. In 2008 he agreed to work with Asphalt and Fuel Supply LLC. During this time, Dave brought many business opportunities to the company and provided market intelligence research.
Dave also has a long history of service with the Asphalt Institute including as a member company representative for Asphalt & Fuel Supply as their Primary Director serving for many years on the Institute’s Board of Directors. There he served also as one of the Institute’s Vice Presidents and as the Associate Member Representative for at least three terms.
Dave has also served as a member of the Public Policy and Relationships Committee, the Membership Committee, the Investment Committee and the Personnel Advisory Committee. In each, he actively contributed to advance the goals of the respective committee and the Institute.
During much of this period, the Institute actively worked to prepare for the International Agency for Research on Cancer review of what became Monograph 103, a review of bitumen (asphalt) and bitumen fumes. Membership growth, financial management and relationships with other allied organizations throughout this period were critical to the Institute, and Dave’s work on so many committees helped the Institute achieve its objectives.
When the Asphalt Institute Foundation was created in late 2014, Dave volunteered to serve on the AIF Education Committee and it’s Golf Task Force, greatly helping this start-up initiative in its early years.
In many cases, Dave has been quick to volunteer to assist when needed by also serving on many task forces throughout his career. He is very deserving of the Asphalt Institute’s Distinguished Service Award.