Distinguished Service Award - Alden "Corky" Bailey

Alden “Corky” Bailey

Corky was raised in Sioux City, Iowa and joined Jebro Incorporated in 1973. His career began at Jebro as a terminal operator and worked his way to President and Owner. He completed the Executive Management Owner President Program at Harvard Business School in 1986. Corky and his wife Marcia now reside in Land O Lakes, FL.

Corky has a long history of service with the Asphalt Institute including being a member company representative for Jebro, Inc. as their Primary Director serving for many years on the Institute’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

He served as the Institute’s Chair for 2008 and notably, help steer the Institute’s programs and membership through one of the toughest financial crises in the US in contemporary times. During his tenure, a global shortage of butadiene impacted production and supply of polymers and his leadership helped staff work with many departments of transportation to help find solutions during this period.

He was an advocate for our Regional Engineer effort and as part of that support, organized and hosted what has become an annual gathering of the AI Engineer Staff. While Chair, he and his wife Marcia welcomed the staff to their home on the James River in Virginia where they were living at the time.

Corky served on many Asphalt Institute committees including 10 years on the Personnel Advisory Committee, several years on the Marketing Committee including a term as its Chair, two years on the Investment Committee, five years on the Public Policy Relationships Committee including a term as its Chair, and many others. He also was the Institute’s representative to and later chaired the Asphalt Roofing Environmental Committee – a joint effort with ARMA and NRCA working to solve health safety and environmental initiatives in preparation for the IARC monograph review on asphalt fumes which was eventually held in 2011.

He was a founding member of the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers, having attended their first organizational meeting in 1998. He later served as its 3rd Chair in 2002.

He was elected to AI’s Emeritus status in 2017. His long record of dedicated service to the Asphalt Institute and to the industry makes him an ideal recipient of the Institute’s Distinguished Service award.