Distinguished Service Award - Linda Osborn

Linda Osborn

Linda Osborn graduated from Marian College in Indianapolis with the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Teaching in 1977 and furthered her studies at the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1994. She started her career with the Heritage Research Group in 1984. She is now their Director of Analytical Research.

In 1989, the National Institute for Health and Safety (NIOSH) in Cincinnati, OH completed research that determined that condensed asphalt fumes generated in a laboratory setting from heated roofing asphalt caused cancer in mouse skin painting studies. At the time, Director of Research for Heritage Research Group Tony Kriech assembled a group to find the chemicals responsible. Linda along with her team worked with the Asphalt Institute AIEOC Committee to develop a separation method to track biologically relevant activity in the NIOSH fume condensate. She was responsible for the development of an analytical measure that could screen samples for biologically relevant materials in the workplace. And a larger study was conducted at NIOSH with Linda as the lead chemist for the industry, which produced findings that gave solutions that could reduce the amount of dermal exposure for workers.

More recently, Linda has been instrumental in numerous projects through the Health, Safety and Environment Committee and participated on several task forces with the Asphalt Institute. Linda’s work has been featured in over 50 peer-reviewed publications. She has the ability to create trust with good scientific integrity and to be inclusive. She was named one of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellows in 2020 for her outstanding achievements and contribution to science, the profession and the society.

Linda continues to be a valuable member of the Asphalt Institute’s Health, Safety and Environment Committee and finds time to give back with community outreach programs as well.