Roll of Honor - Francis N. Hveem

Francis N. Hveem

Over a 46-year span, Francis N. Hveem invented and improved an array of asphalt testing equipment that has assisted engineers and technicians throughout the world. Among his well-known inventions are the Stabilometer, Cohesiometer, Kneading Compactor, and Cohesiograph. He also originated and developed several important testing procedures, including the Sand Equivalent and Centrifuge Equivalent Methods.

Joining the California Highway Department in 1917, as a draftsman, Mr. Hveem progressed to timekeeper, resident engineer, and maintenance superintendent. In 1929, he was transferred to the Materials and Research Department where in 1938; he was given control over all bituminous testing. In 1950, he became construction engineer. A year later, he was appointed Materials and Research Engineer, a position he held until his retirement in 1963.

During these years of research on highway materials, Mr. Hveem wrote and presented many technical papers on asphalt paving technology.

Mr. Hveem’s innovations in testing equipment and procedures and his research prowess netted him many distinguished awards, including the Roy w. Crum award in 1956 and the Highway Research Board award for the Outstanding Paper of 1948.

Mr. Hveem passed away in 1990.

Elected: 1965