Roll of Honor - Luke W. Corbett

Luke W. Corbett

Luke W. Corbett was well known in the asphalt industry for developing the standard test method for separating asphalt into fractions.  Known as ASTM Standard D 4124.86, the method is widely used in asphalt laboratories around the world.

Mr. Corbett continually shared his broad knowledge of asphalt refining, asphalt chemistry and asphalt chemical analysis with his peers in the industry.  He also participated in establishing statistically-based specifications for asphalt mixtures.

A chemical engineering graduate of the University of Minnesota, Luke Corbett spent the early years of his career as a research chemist with Husky Oil Company.  As a Research Associate with Exxon, from 1957 until 1977, he produced numerous patents for the chemical testing of asphalts and for uses of specially designed asphalt mixes.

Mr. Corbett was a vigorous participant in the Asphalt Institute’s Project Committees and International Technical Committees during the 1960s and early 1970s.  He was co-author of the Institute’s “Report on Emissions from Asphalt Hot Mixes” and co-author of the Asphalt Institute’s key research report on “Differences between Petroleum Asphalt, Coal-Tar Pitch and Road Tar.”

He was a positive and valuable contributor to asphalt industry organizations such as the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists, American Society for Testing and Materials, Transportation Research Board and the American Road and Transportation Builders Association.  He was one of the industry’s stalwarts in all aspects of asphalt chemistry in its analysis.

Elected: 1990