Roll of Honor - Fred M. Fehsenfeld, Sr.

Fred M. Fehsenfeld, Sr.

Fred M. Fehsenfeld, Sr., currently Chairman of the Board of Asphalt Materials, Inc. in Indianapolis, has made vital contributions to the asphalt industry over the past three decades in the fields of asphalt materials and construction. He has been a compelling spokesman for the stability of large aggregate in asphalt mixtures. He has recorded and analyzed the performance of big-rock, open-graded base mixtures in Tennessee and Indiana.

Mr. Fehsenfeld has served as Chief Executive Officer for the last twenty five years of twenty six corporations and partnerships. Most of these involve petroleum manufacturing, refining and marketing, aggregate production, highway and heavy construction, research in petroleum and electronics, environmental treatment of hazardous waste, engineering and construction in the environment and trucking transportation.

He was Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Asphalt Institute in 1989. He is currently a member of the Technical Oversight Committee for the National Center for Asphalt Technology and Committee A2D05 – Committee for General Asphalt Problems – for the Transportation Research Board.

Mr. Fehsenfeld served as Department of Transportation Subcommittee Chairman for the PEPPER (Public Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Privatization, Efficiency & Restructuring) Committee for Indianapolis under Mayor William Hudnut in 1989. He also chaired the Technical Committee for building a $100 million solid waste mass burn plant under Mayor Hudnut.

Fehsenfeld graduated from Purdue University with a Mechanical Engineering degree. As a World War II fighter pilot, he received the Silver Star, Air Medal and Three Silver Clusters.

Elected: 1992