Roll of Honor - Michael J. Kolos

Michael Kolos

1952 – 2009

Mike began his career with United Refining Company in November 1982 serving in the capacity of Special Projects Accountant.   Later, as Vice President – Asphalt Marketing for United, he built strong, trusting relationships throughout the industry with customers and suppliers alike.

Mike’s service with the Asphalt Institute exemplified selfless service of the highest magnitude.  He volunteered for at least 18 positions during a relatively short span of time.  His contributions ranged from serving as a committee member to several terms of Treasurer of the Asphalt Institute to that of the Asphalt Institute Chairman.

Of particular importance was the circumstance surrounding Mike’s transition to AI Chairman in 2000 and 2001.  During 2000, Mike was serving as Vice Chairman of the Asphalt Institute with full expectation of becoming the Chairman in 2001.  However during 2000, the current serving Chairman of the Asphalt Institute became ill and was forced to take a medical leave of absence.  Mike was best positioned to step up further in the leadership position at the Institute and he did so willingly.

During this same time, the full time leadership of the Asphalt Institute was also in a significant transition.  The President’s position was vacant and the AI’s Vice President of Industry Affairs acting in this role.  Further, AI’s long time Director of Finance and Administration also had announced her retirement and subsequently left employment of the Institute.

Mike’s responsibilities as a volunteer Chairman became one requiring rapid transition to the position earlier than expected, included overseeing the transition of the full time leadership of the Institute while conducting a President-search and shouldering considerable responsibility for the Asphalt Institute staff and significant operational concerns.  It turned into one of the most defining moments in Asphalt Institute history.

Mike was successful in moving the Institute forward and fostered its growth in spite of the uncertainty.

In his post-chairman years, Mike’s efforts to improve the Institute continued; the Nominating and Investment Committee functions are two examples which he promoted.

Mike looked to serve others while putting his personal interests behind those of his employer, business partners, friends and family.  Mike’s service to the Asphalt Institute can be best described as an unparalleled example of selfless service and for this we are all thankful.

Elected 2012