Roll of Honor - Philippe Dewez

Philippe Dewez

Philippe graduated in organic chemistry at the University of Louvain in Belgium and started his early career in South Africa, where he worked in both the steel and chemical industries before joining BP in Cape Town, in 1981. Subsequent positions with BP, took him to the UK, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and France before returning to the UK in 2006. His career has spanned refining, trading and marketing including retail, liquid petroleum gas and bitumen. He joined the bitumen world in 1998 with responsibility for France and Spain before taking a new challenge at head office with responsibilities for strategy and Business Development. He left BP in 2008.

Throughout his career he has taken an active role in the industry associations, joining Eurobitume in 1999 and taking the Presidency in 2003. He was also President of GPB, the French association of bitumen producers.

Philippe has served as Director General of Eurobitume from the 1st of September 2008 through to his scheduled retirement at the end of August, 2012.

For Eurobitume, his main contribution was in the field of:

Communication: Toolkit
Health: IARC Monograph
Bitumen Health Forum (BIHF)
Safety: Safe Delivery of Bitumen
LCI of Bitumen – Updating of LCI document edited in 1999
Annual Statistics of Bitumen
Close liaison with Asphalt Institute (Eurobitume & Asphalt Institute Leadership)
Close liaison with EAPA (EECC – Eurobitume & EAPA Common Communication)
Specific Central Initiative Benelux + 2 Benelux Bitumen Days
Specific Central Initiative Switzerland + 1 Swiss Bitumen Day
Collaboration Agreement with ARBIT, GPB & RBA

During his tenure as the Director General for Eurobitume, Philippe work hard to build constructive relationships between Eurobitume and the rest of the allied associations participating in the IARC preparation efforts. Notably, the Asphalt Institute and Eurobitume were able to focus efforts on mutually agreeable strategic outcomes and work with the other associations in a leadership role; particularly once the IARC Monograph on bitumen was announced in the Fall of 2010.

Upon reviewing Philippe’s career, he has distinguished himself in many capacities with wide ranging service in many areas of the industry many would not have ventured. In all, he has been successful and leaves upon his retirement, a legacy of accomplishment.

Elected 2012