Roll of Honor - Anthony "Tony" Kriech

Anthony “Tony” Kriech

Vice President, Research & Development for Heritage Research Group, Tony has been involved with AI’s HS&E issues since the 1980’s. Mentored by Fred Fehsenfeld Sr., Tony has adopted the philosophy that the industry needs to know and not bury its head in the sand. He, like Fred, believes that if you have a worthwhile goal, then you need to be persistent to carry it through, and he has done just that during many defining moments; and continues to do so.

His experience with AI began with the 1981 NIOSH Animal Skin Painting Study of laboratory generated roofing asphalt and roofing coal tar fumes. Then in 1989, NIOSH fractionated asphalt fumes resulting in the formation of an Industry Scientific Group. A leader on the chemical composition task force meetings in 1989 as part of the Asphalt Industry Environmental Oversight Committee (AIEOC), Tony led 5 phases of research that included duplication of NIOSH generation, field versus laboratory studies, designing a new fume generation system that mimicked real world exposures, sub-fractionation of the fumes and skin painting studies of real world emissions. He met early on with NIOSH scientists, investigated Eva Hansen’s research with Dr, Earl Arp in Denmark, and has worked with government agencies and scientists worldwide for over 26 years.

As a 1975 graduate of Marian College, Sister Mary Rose Stockton was an early mentor in Tony’s career. She pushed all students to engage in creative thinking, which has helped him understand how to use science to solve problems in the world. Tony is the author of numerous peer reviewed publications and holds many patents.

Culminating years of research related to asphalt emissions, in 2011, Tony was selected by the International Agency for Research on Cancer Volume as an industry observer for Monograph 103: Bitumen and Bitumen Fumes, and Some N- and S-Heterocyclic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. A highly requested keynote speaker, Tony even presented at the American Chemical Society’s National 2013 meeting in Indianapolis, for the popular session “Chemistry of Racing”.

Tony was honored for his distinguished contributions to science at the 2014 commencement at Marian University where he received an Honorary Doctorate in Science, joined by his wife Andrea, their children Matt, Jessie, and Doug and 4 grandchildren.

His dedication and commitment to AI has been steadfast. With his can-do and will-do attitude, he actively seeks opportunities to take on the most demanding and difficult tasks, focusing on what can be done.

Elected 2015