Roll of Honor - John W. "Bill" Kirk III

John W. “Bill” Kirk, III.

Bill graduated from Hampden‐Sydney College and thereafter joined Shell Oil Company as a Refined Product sales representative in Philadelphia, PA. Following approximately four years with Shell, Bill joined Fuel Oil & Equipment Co, Inc. to lead the continued expansion of the company started by his father. The expansion of Fuel Oil & Equipment Co, Inc. included diversification into other businesses and a few asphalt terminals. In 1988, Bill succeeded his father as President of the company, eventually becoming CEO and President in 1996. To this day, Associated Asphalt has expanded to include 34 terminals with a service area spanning over 10 states. Associated Asphalt joined the Asphalt Institute in 1998 and has been a continuous member of the organization since.

Bill has served as Chair of the Asphalt Institute twice; first in 2004 and a second time in 2011. Only three other individuals have served in this role twice. During 2004, Bill’s leadership and positive influence was essential during this period with major changes in the association. Additionally, the industry as a whole was starting to focus on the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) monograph program and how to best prepare for that review. Relations with allied organizations were strained and Bill’s leadership transcended these challenges to benefit not only the organization but helped significantly to elevate our status on a global stage – one of industry leadership.

In 2011, during Bill’s second term as the Institute’s Chair, IARC held the long-awaited monograph on worker exposure to bitumen and bitumen fumes. While tensions ran high during the final efforts at IARC preparation, Bill’s proven statesmanship, diplomacy with outside organizations and solid leadership skills enabled the best possible outcome of the IARC process.

Bill has served on most all Institute committees including the Executive Committee and Board of Directors and has served longest on the Personnel Advisory Committee – contributing to the strengthening of the Institute through effective oversight of staff benefits, director-level recruitment efforts and encouraging leadership development. Bill also ensured the Institute recognize volunteers for their contributions through the Institute’s awards programs and was a catalyst for the creation of the Emeritus status for retired individuals.

When the Institute created the Asphalt Institute Foundation in 2014, Bill also served there, both on its Board of Directors and the Foundation’s Development Committee. It is AI’s pleasure to present Mr. Bill Kirk with its highest award of recognition – the Roll of Honor.