Roll of Honor - H. B. Pullar

H. B. Pullar

During his many years in the asphalt industry, H.B. Pullar was responsible for important improvements in manufacturing procedures. He was also and outstanding pioneer in education as regards asphalt technology. He became associated with the Asphalt Institute at its inception and contributed greatly to its growth while serving in many capacities.

In 1907 Mr. Pullar began working as a demonstrator in the use of asphalt filler in brick and block pavements. At night he studied chemistry. In 1913 he organized a testing laboratory and did consulting work in early asphalt pavement construction for the Michigan State Highway Department. From 1915 until he retired he was associated with various companies that manufactured asphalt products.

During his career he made several notable contributions to the asphalt industry. He was responsible for placing graduate chemists as quality control men on asphalt paving jobs. He wrote many articles for the technical press on blown asphalts and spent much of his time as a lecturer on the subject at several universities. During his period of work with asphalt manufacturers, he had several patents issued on asphalt products and equipment used for the manufacture and application of asphalt.

As a member of numerous technical societies, he contributed to the work of various committees. Of special importance were his many years of work with the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Mr. Pullar passed away in 1968.

Elected: 1965