Roll of Honor - Prevost Hubbard

Prevost Hubbard

As head of the Asphalt Institute’s laboratory research program, Mr. Prevost Hubbard’s work provided much of the sound scientific background that led to the development of modern construction techniques for asphalt pavements. His research has been of such importance that he has been called “The Dean Emeritus of Asphalt Research.”

One of his most notable contributions was his joint effort with Mr. Frederick C. Field, Asphalt Institute Chemist, in formulating the Hubbard-Field Stability Test. This test, which focused attention on the importance of proper compaction, established a workable scientific basis for producing correct asphalt mixture designs, not only for highways but for many new asphalt paving uses as well.

Mr. Hubbard joined the newly-formed Asphalt Institute (the call The Asphalt Association) in 1919 to begin a period of research that was of great importance nationally, both to highway development and to the asphalt industry. He retired in 1947.

Before joining the Institute, Mr. Hubbard worked with the U.S. Office (now Bureau) of Public Records. Beginning in 1905 as Assistant Chemist, he advanced successively to Chemist, Chief Chemist, Chemical Engineer and Chief of Division of Road Material, Tests and Research. He was with the Office of Public Roads from 1905 to 1911 and again from 1915 to 1919. During the 1911 to 1915 break, Mr. Hubbard was a consulting engineer engaged in testing and supervising the use of all types of road materials.

Elected: 1965