Roll of Honor - William G. Julier

William G. Julier

A pioneer in the industry, Mr. Julier — “Big Bill” as he was known because of his physical size and the size of his accomplishments, is credited with many firsts in the asphalt paving field.

Born in the east, he moved to California while still a young man. And it was in the west that he earned the name “Father of Road-Oiling.” First employed by the Gilmore Oil Company in 1915, he progressed, through various positions until at his retirement in 1955 he was Manager of Asphalt Sales and Director of Safety for the General Petroleum Company.

In the early 1900s to demonstrate the application of asphalt road oils was a common practice by the producers of asphalt. Mr. Julier developed and improved methods and equipment for delivering and spreading these road oils and asphalts. His first spreader was a horse-drawn converted water wagon. With his “circus” and road- oiling equipment, representing the Gilmore Oil Company, he was about the earliest user of this material in a practical and economical way, and his pioneering work saved many miles of roads of this period from complete destruction.

He was the initiator of this type of road construction and maintenance in most of the Western States.  Mr. Julier was one of the original groups of representatives of the Pacific Coast companies who met in 1931 for the purpose of organizing the Pacific Coast Division of The Asphalt Institute. From that date on he was active in the Institute, serving on many committees and most active in the management of the Division. He was a champion of quality specifications and pioneered in the development of aggregate testing and pavement design.

His great and lengthy services to the industry are well recognized by all who worked with him.

Elected: 1971