Roll of Honor - Kenneth H. Dozier, Jr.

Kenneth H. Dozier, Jr.

After service in the Navy, Ken started his professional career with Amoco/BP and spent his entire career with the company, supporting asphalt in some way throughout it.  The last 12 or so years were spent on the sales and marketing side and in this capacity, Ken was a frequently traveler world-wide in support of BP Asphalt’s business operations.  All of Ken’s work with Amoco/BP was based from the Whiting Refinery, in Illinois.

Ken’s involvement with the Asphalt Institute began in 1993 when he was appointed as Alternate Director for Amoco Oil Company.  The following year, Ken started his service on the Institute’s Personnel Advisory Committee, serving as its Chairman in 1997 and 1998.

Ken served on the Finance Committee of the Institute as well, starting there in 1996 as a committee member and continued service on this important committee through 1999, and then again during 2005 through 2007.

One of Ken’s passions for the industry manifested itself with his continued service on several of the Institute’s partnered environmental councils.  Here, with service on the Asphalt Paving Environmental Council and the Asphalt Roofing Environmental Council, Ken worked tirelessly to build relationships with other asphalt user-groups and to promote the importance of research on asphalt fumes as an important part of member company product stewardship.

Ken served as AI’s Vice Chairman of the Board in 1998 and as its Chairman in 1999.  During his tenure in these top leadership positions, the Asphalt Institute Ken’s leadership helped steer the industry through the publication of the NIOSH skin painting studies.  These reports, published by NIOSH in January 2000 as the Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Asphalt galvanized the industry to work to better understand the true impact exposure had on human health.  Ken’s involvement, understanding of the issues, and ability to chart a course for solving the problems associated with an often fractious group of industry leaders will forever be his Asphalt Institute legacy.

Additionally, Ken’s work with the various AI Committees was noteworthy.  He oversaw the hiring of AI’s first ever Director of Marketing and he understood the value of promoting the industry at all levels.  His leadership led to the formation of the Asphalt Pavement Alliance and he charted the approval of AI’s participation as a founding partner in the APA with NAPA.  AI’s Board of Directors approved participation in the Alliance as a 50-50 partner with NAPA in December 1999.

Ken continued service on the Institute’s Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Chairman’s Advisory Group through 2007 when illness forced him to step down.

Ken died in 2009 following a battle with cancer, cutting short his career and love of life.  He died at the age of 56.  Ken was a Navy Veteran and completed his Vietnam era service in Long Beach, CA.  He and his wife Jodi were married on June 10, 1973 when both were recent graduates of Thornridge High School in Dalton, IL.

Elected: 2010