Roll of Honor - Lyle E. Moran

Lyle E. Moran

L.E. (Lyle) Moran, Imperial Oil Ltd (IOL), Asphalt team lead, Sarnia research department, products and chemicals, elected to retire on June 30, 2010, following more than 33 years of service in the asphalt field.

Lyle joined the IOL research department in 1977 after receiving his MSc in chemistry from the University of Ottawa.  Lyle spent nearly his entire career in asphalt research & development and technical marketing services.

Lyle’s career spanned several 8-year cycles.  The initial 8-year cycle involved learning the asphalt refining process and paving and roofing product areas.  This was followed by 8 years of exploratory research and 50% of his time learning the marketing technical service (MTS) area.  The subsequent 8-year cycle was spent entirely in the asphalt MTS role.  His final 8-year cycle to-date has been in asphalt research as asphalt team lead, supporting the overall business and assisting in the merging of Imperial Oil research with ExxonMobil Americas into a globally focused effort.  Lyle has been instrumental in developing and sustaining a Centre of Excellence for asphalt at the Sarnia Research Centre.

Lyle has received 12 US patent awards and a number of prestigious industry recognitions.  In 2002 he was awarded the Asphalt Institute Distinguished Service Award.

Lyle was active at the Asphalt Institute for almost 20 years.  During that time he served in the following capacities:

1991 – 2010 : Technical Representative Esso Petroleum Canada, Imperial Oil & ExxonMobil
1994 – 2002 : Imperial Oil Primary Director
1997 – 2002 : Health, Safety & Environment Committee Member
1998 – 2000 : Technical Advisory Committee Member
1996 & 2000 : Executive Committee
1994 – 2010 : Canadian Committee

Lyle Moran’s impact on the asphalt industry in North America has been significant and will be long lasting.  Besides the technical achievements, Lyle made positive impacts on the people he mentored and developed into asphalt experts.  That legacy will continue to serve the industry for a generation to come.  Another legacy will be the expansion of Canadian membership at the Asphalt Institute.  Lyle was instrumental in bringing the Asphalt Institute meetings to Canada on several occasions in a successful effort to increase Canadian interest and membership.  Lyle has always been extremely proud that Imperial Oil was one of the original founders of the Institute and has maintained continuous membership.

Above all else Lyle is a gentleman and a true humanitarian respected by all that know him throughout the industry.   He is deserving of being awarded the Asphalt Institute Roll of Honor.

Elected: 2010