Roll of Honor - Martin Carlson

Martin Carlson

Martin Carlson joined Nynas in 1975 as a process engineer and is currently the Director of Business Development and a member of the Nynas AB Executive Committee. Martin undertook a variety of roles and responsibilities within Nynas including being an Executive Committee Nynas representative for Eurobitume from 1994 – 2011 and service as the President of Eurobitume from 1999 – 2003.  His leadership role within the industry and passion to shape the future has been and remains very important to Nynas Bitumen as a leading specialist bitumen producer in Europe.

During Martin’s time with Eurobitume he provided an invaluable link with the Asphalt Institute and the bitumen and asphalt industry globally.  His relationship building and leadership skills have undoubtedly contributed towards a stronger and more coherent global bitumen voice especially during the preparation years for the IARC Monograph review of bitumen eventually held in October 2011. Martin took on the role of HSE and IARC focal point for Eurobitume and became the de facto spokesperson for bitumen related HSE issues across Europe.

Early on during the IARC preparation efforts, Martin made Dr. Lars Ekstrom of Nynas available and he specifically facilitated the activities of Asphalt Institute researchers in the individual and joint collaborative investigations related to occupational health on the Continent.

Through his ability to guide and support the industry he has played a vital part in steering the strategy for evaluating the impact of bitumen fumes on health of workers through scientific studies for the last 20 years.  He also contributed significantly to bridging the views on health issue management between North America and Europe.

Martin’s direct involvement with the Asphalt Institute began when he served as Alternate Director for Nynas AB from 1983-86 later taking over from Mr. Lennart Brenner and serving as Primary Director from 1994 – 2011.  More specifically during 2006-2009 he served on the AI Executive Committee and the Board of Directors as European International member representative. In this role, Martin demonstrated active participation in the affairs of the Institute and as a direct result became well known among Institute members.  His visionary preparation for the IARC monograph and infectious enthusiasm for collaboration drew both Eurobitume and the Asphalt Institute together on many common interest topics.

Martin’s contribution has been based on a clear strategic vision, a will to move forward and an ability to listen and find consensus in challenging situations.

Elected:  2012