Roll of Honor - William H. Haverland

William “Bill” H. Haverland

William H. (Bill) Haverland, a veteran of over 42 years in the oil business, currently works with Associated Asphalt and previously as the long-time Asphalt Marketing Manager for ConocoPhillips.

Bill’s involvement with the Asphalt Institute spans his 23 years in the asphalt industry. He became the first person in contemporary history to become AI’s Chairman of the Board two times; serving both in 1996 and 2005 in this capacity.

During his first chairmanship year, Haverland lead the strategic plan team in hammering out a vision and a mission for the Asphalt Institute. The most significant accomplishment of 1996, said Haverland was our progress in addressing the asphalt fume issue.

During his second Chairmanship, he set in motion AI’s plans to expand the membership drive initiated by 2004 Chairman Bill Kirk. In June 2005 Bill assembled a strong leadership team and embarked on a five-city recruitment visit that resulted in three new regular members and one new international member. AI closed out 2005 with a gain of 11 new members for a total of 89, the largest number of members in the history of the Institute at that time.

Haverland thinks that the adoption of SuperPave, introduction of warm mix asphalt and the industry’s preparation for the IARC monograph were the most significant events during his 23 years in the asphalt industry. “The first two have made our products better,” says Haverland, “and positioned asphalt pavements to better compete with concrete. The last one will decide the future of our products.”

Aside from the Chairman role, Bill has served on nearly every of the Institute’s standing committees – often for many years running.  His committee service included the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Finance Committee (including as Chairman in 2005), Personnel Advisory Committee, Public Policy/Relationships Committee (Chairman in 1995), Membership Committee, Recognition of Achievement Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, Health Safety and Advisory Committee and Marketing Committee.

Bill’s leadership, tenacity, and thorough knowledge of the issues at hand coupled with his passion for the future of the asphalt industry were keys to aligning strategy and generating results that will benefit the industry for decades to come.

Elected:  2012