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For Roadways

PAVEXpress is a free online tool to create pavement designs using key engineering inputs, based on the AASHTO 1993 and 1998 supplement pavement design process and equations. It is user-friendly, where project designs can be shared, saved and printed. There are interactive help and resource links throughout. The PAVEInstruct learning module is a web-based pavement design education system with video instruction by leading industry experts. Go to: https://www.pavexpressdesign.com/.

For perpetual pavement design, visit: http://www.asphaltroads.org/perpetual-pavement/about-perpetual-pavements/. From this website, you can download the following design tools for free:

  • PerRoad 4.4 uses the mechanistic-empirical design philosophy. It couples layered elastic analysis with a statistical analysis procedure to estimate stresses and strains within a pavement.
  • PerRoadXPress 1.0 designs perpetual pavements for low- and medium-volume roads and parking lots. It was developed in response to requests by public works officials and owners of commercial property.

For Airfields

The FAA requires the use of their design procedures and software called FAARFIELD

The U.S. military (tri-services) uses PCASE

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