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An Introduction to the Bailey Method (Optimizing Volumetrics and HMA Compactability)
(2 hrs., 2 PDHs)


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Have you ever wondered why your  volumetric test results were passing in the morning and failing miserably by noon?  This webinar will explain several reasons why this can occur. This webinar will cover the basics of VMA and Air Voids and explain how absorption affects your results. We will discuss the Baily Method, which is an innovative aggregate and mixture analysis system that can accurately estimate the effects of aggregate packing and how that affects mix volumetrics. The four basic principles of the Baily Method will be introduced to help explain mysterious volumetric changes that can occur in field produced mixtures.

Who Should Attend
This webinar is intended for inspectors, technicians, engineers, project managers, and consultants who are actively engaged in asphalt mix design and quality control operations of hot mix asphalt plants.  Aggregate manufacturers involved with the production of mineral aggregate for hot mix use would also benefit.


  • Understanding Volumetric Testing In The Field
  • Explaining Bailey Aggregate Packing Characteristics
  • Defining Mixture Type – Baily Principle #1
  • Coarse Aggregate Ratio – Principle #2
  • Fine Aggregate Coarse Ratio – Principle #3
  • Fine Aggregate Fine Ratio – Principle #4
  • Summarize Mixture Effects Due To Gradation Change

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Register online to view this webinar recording

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