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Online training is available for many classes. A fast, reliable Internet connection is required.

Online and in-person training held in Lexington, KY is based in Eastern US time unless otherwise noted.

Asphalt Airfields

Airfield Asphalt Pavement Inspector Certification
( based on UFGS )
APR 18-21, 2023Lexington, KY24$1,540
Airfield Paving Clinic
( based on FAA Standards )
TBD ONLINE! 12 $645*
Airport Pavement Technical Workshop
( based on FAA Standards )
TBDTBA23 $1,495*
* Standard Price | 1 State Aviation Officials | 2 FAA personnel

Asphalt Binders

Basic Binder Technician TrainingTBDONLINE!16.5TBD
Basic Binder Technician TrainingTBDLexington, KY24.5TBD
Basic Binder Technician TrainingFEB 6-9, 2023Lexington, KY24.5Class Full
Basic Binder Technician TrainingMAR 6-9, 2023Lexington, KY24.5$1,295
Basic Binder Technician TrainingMAR 20-23, 2023Lexington, KY 24.5$1,295
Basic Binder Technician TrainingAPR 17-21, 2023ONLINE!16.5$995
Basic Roofing Technician Training TBD Lexington, KY17.5 $1,195
National Binder Technician CertificationTBDLexington, KY13TBD
National Binder Technician CertificationTBDONLINE!13TBD
National Binder Technician CertificationFEB 21-24, 2023Lexington, KY13Class Full
National Binder Technician CertificationMAR 14-17, 2023Lexington, KY13$1,595
National Binder Technician CertificationAPR 24-28, 2023ONLINE!13$1,595
RheobitTM (Rheology of Bituminous Materials)November 6-10, 2023Lexington, KY32$2,195

Asphalt Construction

Constructing Quality Asphalt PavementsTBDTBD8$345
Constructing Quality Asphalt PavementsTBDONLINE!8$325
Hot Mix Asphalt 101 (HMA 101)TBDState College, PA13$465
Idaho Asphalt Workmanship TrainingMarch 20, 2023Pocatello, ID8$345
Idaho Asphalt Workmanship TrainingMarch 22, 2023Boise, ID8$345
Idaho Asphalt Workmanship Training March 24, 2023Hayden, ID8$345

Asphalt Emulsions

Basic Emulsion Technician TrainingTBDLexington, KY24.5$1,295
Basic Emulsion Technician TrainingFEB 13-16, 2023Lexington, KY24.5Class Full
National Emulsion Technician CertificationTBDLexington, KY10$1,595
National Emulsion Technician CertificationTBDONLINE!10$1,595
National Emulsion Technician CertificationMAR 28-30, 2023Lexington, KY10$1,595

Asphalt Mix Design

Basic Mixture Technician TrainingTBDLexington, KY26$1,495
Basic Mixture Technician TrainingFEB 28-MAR 3, 2023Lexington, KY26$1,495
Mix Design Technology CertificationTBDTBD22.5$1,495
Mix Design Technology CertificationTBDLexington, KY22.5 $1,495
Mix Design Technology CertificationNOV 6-17, 2023ONLINE!22.5$1,195
Optimizing Volumetrics using the Bailey MethodJAN 30-FEB 3, 2023Lexington, KY30 $1,895

Asphalt Design / Construction / Preservation

Maximizing Pavement Life TBA ONLINE! 15 $495

Paving Inspector Certification

Paving Inspector Certification (PIC)
(Entire course – all 8 modules)
On-Demand ONLINE! 16 $495
Paving Inspector Certification (PIC)
(Choose an individual module 1-8)
On-Demand ONLINE! * $85*
* Each PIC module costs $85 and has separate PDH amounts.

Customized Training Available

We can come to you! The Asphalt Institute (AI) is available for customized training either at your facility or at AI headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. From hands-on training to presentations for your sales staff, AI is qualified to handle a broad range of industry training topics. Learning at your own facility has its advantages – training on your own equipment and save on airfare and hotel. Customized training allows you to narrow the training focus to the needs of your company.

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