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Course Description
The Basic Mixture Technician Training (BMT) course provides detailed, hands-on laboratory training to both experienced and inexperienced technicians for testing aggregates and asphalt mixtures.  Instruction will cover the most current AASHTO and ASTM standards used in the Superpave mix design process. The course focuses on giving the students a thorough understanding of each test and related processes, while instructing students on the procedures and techniques which will maximize testing accuracy and repeatability.   Students will receive training over the entire range of activities related to asphalt mix design and testing: aggregate sampling and batching, testing aggregate properties, mixing, short-term aging, compaction, and testing of both loose and compacted asphalt mixtures.  Eighty percent (80%) of the course time will be spent in the laboratory, and the remaining twenty percent (20%) will be spent in classroom instruction.  The class size is limited to six students to maximize each student’s time with instructors while reviewing each test procedure.

This course is intended to complement the Asphalt Institute’s Mix Design Training (MDT) course.  While the BMT course focuses on the actual tests and laboratory processes involved in asphalt mix design performed by technicians, the MDT course focuses on how advanced technicians, designers, and/or engineers use laboratory and project information in the mix design process to create long-lasting asphalt mixtures.

Optional Certification Testing
The last afternoon is reserved for an optional written certification exam.  The exam, which takes from two to three hours to complete on average, is designed to be challenging enough to allow only those students who have a good understanding of laboratory procedures to pass.  Specifying agencies may accept the Asphalt Institute Basic Mixture Technician Training Certification, either in whole or in part, as meeting the requirements for certification for their agency.  Prospective participants should verify the applicability of this certification with their local agency.  The Asphalt Institute does not maintain a list of agencies that accept this certification.

Class Schedule

2017 Course Schedule:
Tuesday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (lunch provided)
Friday: 8:00 am – noon (exam optional)

Who Should Attend

This course primarily targets new technicians. Others who can benefit are, asphalt technologists, engineers, consultants, scientists, and technicians responsible for asphalt testing, materials approval, specification and quality control for pavements. Knowledge of the Superpave aggregate and mixture specifications is helpful but not required.  The course will also benefit local and state materials and federal agency personnel, contractors, and university educators.

Tests Covered in Laboratory Portion of Course

Aggregate Consensus Tests
Sampling Aggregate

AASHTO T2/ASTM D75Reducing Aggregate to Testing Size
AASHTO T248/ASTM C702Washed Sieve Analysis
AASHTO T11/ASTM C117Sieve Analysis of Aggregates
AASHTO T27/ASTM C136Coarse Aggregate Specific Gravity
AASHTO T85/ASTM C127Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity
AASHTO T84/ASTM C128Sand Equivalent Test
AASHTO T176/ASTM D2419Coarse Aggregate Angularity
AASHTO T335/ASTM D5821Fine Aggregate Angularity
AASHTO T304/C1252Flat & Elongated Particles
ASTM D4791Batching
HMA Compacted Specimen & Volumetric Properties Tests
Preparation and Determination for Density of HMA Specimens by the Superpave Gyratory Compactor
AASHTO T312/ASTM D6925Reducing HMA to Testing Size
AASHTO R47Sampling HMA from the Field
AASHTO T168/ASTM D979Maximum Theoretical Specific Gravity of HMA
AASHTO T209/ASTM D2041Bulk Specific Gravity of Compacted HMA
AASHTO T166/ASTM D2726Bulk Specific Gravity of Compacted HMA – Corelok Method
AASHTO T331/ASTM D6752Method for Drying Specimens with the CoreDry
ASTM D7227Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures to Moisture-Induced Damage

Every person entering Laboratory space must wear safety glasses and a lab coat. Individuals who wear glasses must wear side shields. AI will supply required PPE, but welcomes students to bring their own PPE to ensure comfort and fit.


Fees, Registration, Dates & Seminar Location
The registration fee is $1,495 and includes a course material, optional exam, refreshments, and lunches.  Early registration is recommended as the class is limited to 6 students.

Dates Location Seminar Location Registration
November 7 – 10, 2017 Lexington, KY Asphalt Institute Headquarters
2696 Research Park Dr.
Lexington, KY 40511-8480
Register Online:

– AI Member/Returning Customer
– New Customer

November 28- December 1, 2017 Lexington, KY Asphalt Institute Headquarters
2696 Research Park Dr.
Lexington, KY 40511-8480
Register Online:

– AI Member/Returning Customer
– New Customer

If you work for an Asphalt Institute member company and this is your first time registering, please call 859.288.4960 if you need assistance in setting up an account.


Transfer, Cancellation and Refund Policy
You may cancel without penalty up to three weeks prior to course start date.  If you provide the Asphalt Institute with less than three weeks’ notice, or fail to attend, you will be liable for the entire seminar fee.  You may also send someone to take your place.  We appreciate that this is an important investment for you and your company, and would like to accommodate your needs the best we can.  If you have any questions, please call us at 859.288.4960.

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Inclement Weather Info
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