Asphalt Binder Webinar Series

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This series of webinars will give you a broad-based understanding of the product and it’s many application in the paving and roofing industries. Enhance your knowledge with this comprehensive overview of “everything binder” – from production and modification to the newest applications and technologies. A recommended resource to compliment this webinar recording series is the Asphalt Institute’s MS-26 The Asphalt Binder Handbook.

Asphalt Binder Series Part 1 – Introduction to Asphalt Binders

This session provides an introduction to asphalt binders. Specifically, the webinar examines natural and petroleum asphalt, refining to produce asphalt binder, constituents of asphalt binders, physical properties, how asphalt binders behave, and preparation for testing (sampling, heating, and splitting).

Asphalt Binder Series Part 2 – Asphalt Binder Testing and Specifications

This session discusses the tests and the accompanying specifications that are used to characterize the physical properties of asphalt binders used in paving applications. Traditional asphalt binder tests and specifications are discussed. The advantages and disadvantages of these tests/specifications are considered and the rationale for change discussed. The Performance-Graded (PG) asphalt binder tests and specification are discussed in detail including: (1) how the specification addresses pavement performance; (2) how the asphalt binder is “graded”; and (3) how grades are selected for use. The Multi-Stress Creep-Recovery (MSCR) test and specification are also discussed.

Asphalt Binder Series Part 3 – Asphalt Binder Testing and Specifications (continued)

This session is a continuation of Session 2 – Asphalt Binder Testing and Specifications I.

Asphalt Binder Series Part 4 – Asphalt Binder Modification, Emulsions, and Cutbacks

This session provides an overview of the modification of asphalt binders, including the types of modification and the tests that are used specific to modified asphalt binders. Additionally, the session examines the use of asphalt binders in emulsions and cutbacks. The types of emulsions and cutbacks are discussed as well as the tests and specifications that are used for these products. Air-blown asphalts that are used in the roofing industry are discussed including the appropriate tests and specifications used for characterizing these products.


Professional Development Hours:

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  • R. Michael Anderson, P.E., Asphalt Institute Director of Research and Lab Services

Who Should Attend:

This series of webinars is technical in nature, with an expected audience of technicians and engineers who are interested in learning more about asphalt binders, their chemical and physical properties, and how tests and specifications are used in characterizing asphalt binders. Sales and marketing students may also benefit from the comprehensive overview of asphalt products and properties. It is based on the Asphalt Institute’s MS-26 The Asphalt Binder Handbook.


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