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What makes an asphalt pavement a durable asphalt pavement? The answer to this question really is a combination of factors – all of which can contribute to success or early failure. The purpose of this four-part webinar series is to provide the attendee with a holistic understanding of the various factors that can impact the durability of an asphalt pavement from the selection of materials and pre-construction decisions to preservation of the pavement after it has been built and opened to traffic.

Session Part I: Durable Asphalt Pavements: Materials
Instructor(s): Brian Prowell and Bob McGennis

Materials – the properties of aggregates and asphalt binder can impact the durability of an asphalt mixture in service in positive and negative ways.

Session Part II: Durable Asphalt Pavements: Design
Instructor(s): Richard Willis and Don Christensen

Design – thickness design, designing Perpetual Pavements, and proper mix design work with good materials to provide a great start on the path to becoming a durable asphalt pavement.

Session Part III: Durable Asphalt Pavements: Production and Construction
Instructor(s): Erv Dukatz, Becky McDaniel, and Tim Aschenbrener

Production and Construction – great materials and proper design practices may not matter if the asphalt mixture is not properly produced and constructed.

Session Part IV: Durable Asphalt Pavements: Preservation
Instructor(s): Judith Corley Lay and Greg Harder

Preservation – preserving the asset of a well-designed, well-constructed asphalt pavement will allow it to fully achieve the title of “durable asphalt pavement”.


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