What you should know about training Binder Technicians

Asphalt Academy


A concern for training Binder Technicians:
What if we train them and they leave?

A bigger concern:
What if we don’t train them and they stay?

The biggest concern:
What if they are all trained differently?

This informational 30-minute webinar will cover an important initiative addressing these concerns. The Asphalt Institute’s National Binder Technician Certification (NBTC) program was developed in response to a nationally recognized need for a standard laboratory best practice in PG binder testing and a way to certify that it is being followed. This webinar will include:

  • Required experience and suggested preparation for the review course and examinations
  • Application and registration process
  • Review course content including excerpts from presentations
  • Exam formats and sample questions
  • Online retesting option
  • Why reciprocity increases the value of test data
  • Q & A session

We ask you to join the growing number of industry and agency representatives that are participating in the effort to reduce disputes and penalties by participating in the NBTC program. Attend this free webinar and take an important step toward demonstrating that precision and accuracy are your top priorities. Further information on the NBTC program.


Professional Development Hours:

  • 0 hrs., 0 PDHs

A PDH Certificate is available upon request after you complete the session by sending an email to webinars@asphaltinstitute.org with the name of the webinar and full name you used to register.


  • Michael T. Beavin, Asphalt Institute

Who Should Attend:

The webinar is intended for management thinking about sending technicians to an Asphalt Institute’s National Binder Technician Certification (NBTC) program.


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