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The Asphalt Institute Laboratory Services provide a full array of aggregate and mixture design testing including:

Mixture Design:

  • Superpave Mixture Design
  • Marshall Mixture Design

Aggregate Testing:

  • Sieve analysis
  • Sand Equivalent
  • Coarse and Fine Aggregate Angularity
  • Coarse and Fine Aggregate Gravity
  • Flat and Elongated Particles

Miscellaneous Tests:

  • Extraction and recovery of mixtures
  • Corelok testing
  • Methylene Blue
  • Micro-Deval

Extraction & Recovery Test:

These tests remove asphalt binder from the asphalt mixture by chemical solvent. They are useful for mixture investigation and research to measure binder properties after the construction or from in-place pavements. First the binder is “washed” from the aggregate using a solvent. Next the mineral fines are removed from the asphalt-solvent blend by a high speed centrifuge. Finally the solvent is removed from the binder using rotary evaporation unit, ASTM D5404.

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