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Why take PIC?

Constructing high-quality asphalt pavement is the goal of the asphalt paving industry. Often overlooked is the importance of effective inspection during paving in achieving that goal. Effective inspection at every stage of the operation, by both the owner and contractor employees, can be the difference between a poor or excellent performing pavement.

Asphalt Institute’s Paving Inspector Certification (PIC) is an ideal orientation course for all new personnel. By implementing PIC as introductory training, owners can be confident that new employees understand the basics of asphalt construction and typical inspector duties. Passing the test for each module and earning AI Paving Inspector Certification indicates that the new inspector understands the 16 hours of instruction and is equipped with the fundamental knowledge to effectively perform their critical role.

Experienced personnel will find information that will augment their current knowledge of construction processes. While the PIC course content begins with the basics, it also includes a substantial amount of information that will benefit highly experienced inspectors. Those earning certification will have tangible evidence of their knowledge level for all aspects of asphalt materials and paving. This also assures owners that their asphalt inspection staff has a level of competence necessary to be truly effective.

Course Overview

The Asphalt Institute (AI)’s Paving Inspector Certification (PIC) course covers the fundamental information, detailed in the “Course Descriptions” section below, that all asphalt paving personnel should know. It covers information essential for inspection and project management personnel to ensure asphalt pavements reach their intended service life. The web-based version of the certification course allows users to progress at their own pace and includes the new AI MS-22: Construction of Quality Asphalt Pavements manual for those who register for the full, 8-module certification course. The in-person option will cover the same content over a two-day period.

The PIC program will satisfy many of the personnel qualification requirements identified in ASTM D3666, Standard Specification for Minimum Requirements for Agencies Testing and Inspecting Road and Paving Materials. Because there are thousands of roadway and airfield agencies across the globe with differing policies and requirements, it is up to each registrant to determine whether or not their local agency accepts AI’s pavement inspection certification.

Choose from the on-demand or in-person options. To learn more:

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for engineers, inspectors, consultants, and contractor personnel who are responsible for project inspection, quality control, quality assurance and/or management of asphalt paving operations, from materials sampling to placement and compaction to testing and project documentation.

Taught from a National Perspective

Pavement owners and agencies typically have detailed processes and procedures to which a local inspector must adhere. This course is taught from a national perspective to give the students a thorough understanding of why all these processes and procedures are important to assure a quality project. Each student is encouraged to review and understand the local requirements for the owner/agency on each individual project.

Applicable to Airfield Paving

While the course modules often discuss their respective topics in the context of highway paving, the concepts and methods also apply to airfield paving. Project specifications and requirements will always differ among owner agencies, whether it be for a roadway or an airfield. Yet the fundamental knowledge required of an effective inspector to ensure a quality asphalt paving project remains constant and is the basis of the PIC course.

A certification course named Airfield Asphalt Pavement Inspector Certification (AA-PIC) is being developed by the Asphalt Institute for inspectors of military airfield projects. The AA-PIC course will cover details of Unified Facility Guide Specifications (UFGS) Section 32 12 15.13 that an inspector needs to understand. The AA-PIC course falls under the Airfield Asphalt Certification Program (AACP). Click here to learn more about AACP and the AA-PIC course.

Length of course

For the on-demand option, the course includes eight modules, each varying in length from 60 to 135 minutes. The estimated time to complete the eight modules (not including time to write the exams) is 14 hours. The estimated time including exams is 16 hours. The actual times will depend to a great extent on the individual’s experience level.

Students will have 12 months from enrollment to complete all 8 modules and obtain their certification.

For the in-person offering, students will complete the entire course during the two-day class and obtain their certification upon passing the exam.


Each module in the PIC course includes an exam that students must successfully complete to receive the certification. After completing all module exams, the student will be certified as an Asphalt Institute Paving Inspector.

Exam Requirements:

  • Open-book and open notes exam.
  • 80% minimum score to pass a module.
  • Students cannot advance to next module until successfully completing the current presentation, and passing the exam.
  • If a student fails an exam, they will be able to retake the exam after 2 hours, without seeing which questions they answered correctly/incorrectly.
  • If a student fails an exam, they will be required to complete the presentation before unlocking the test again.
  • If a student fails an exam 3 times, they will be contacted by an Asphalt Institute representative to assist.
  • When a student passes the exam, they will receive answers to all the questions in the exam.

Certification and Professional Development Hours

  • Upon completing the entire course and passing all 8 module exams, a personalized certificate is downloadable noting Asphalt Institute Pavement Inspector Certification, your name and completion date. Please note, If registering for modules individually, PIC certification is not available.
  • For the in-person offering, the instructor will distribute the PDHs and certifications.
  • A PDH certificate is downloadable when each module exam is successfully passed.
    • Module 1 – 1 PDH
    • Module 2 – 2 PDHs
    • Module 3 – 2 PDHs
    • Module 4 – 2 PDHs
    • Module 5 – 2.5 PDHs
    • Module 6 – 1.5 PDHs
    • Module 7 – 2.5 PDHs
    • Module 8 – 2.5 PDHs
  • Acceptance of AI’s pavement inspector certification (PIC) is determined by the individual agency.

Module Descriptions

  • Module 1: Asphalt Inspector Responsibilities
    This module introduces the Paving Inspector Certification course and discusses the Paving Inspector’s overall role in asphalt paving. Students will learn what tasks an Inspector should complete before the project begins, and tasks that are completed in the field.
    Estimated Length before Exam: 60 mins
  • Module 2: Materials
    This module introduces the student to asphalt and aggregate materials used in asphalt mix designs. Students will learn about proper handling, and testing of asphalt and aggregate materials, and how their properties impact asphalt pavement performance.
    Estimated Length before Exam: 105 mins
  • Module 3: Asphalt Mixes and Mix Design
    This module discusses what an asphalt inspector should know about asphalt mixes and mix designs. Students will learn how designers combine binders and aggregates to achieve the desired mix properties for the asphalt mix to perform well and last a long time.
    Estimated Length before Exam: 105 mins
  • Module 4: Mix Production
    This module provides a basic working knowledge of how the major components of an asphalt plant operate. Students will learn how proper handling, storage, and blending of raw materials at the asphalt plant impacts the performance of asphalt pavements.
    Estimated Length before Exam: 105 mins
  • Module 5: Transportation, Preparation for Paving and Tack Coats
    This module discusses key aspects of the transportation and delivery of asphalt mix to the job site, proper surface preparation requirements before paving, and how the use of tack coats affects the longevity of asphalt pavements.
    Estimated Length before Exam: 135 mins
  • Module 6: Placement
    This module discusses the placement of asphalt mix, and the items a paving inspector should be watchful of during the paving operation. Students will learn about the best practices for proper operation of paving equipment, and proper paving practices to achieve the desired smoothness and durability.
    Estimated Length before Exam: 90 mins
  • Module 7: Compaction
    This module does a deep dive into asphalt pavement compaction. Students will understand the importance of compaction in achieving the desired quality and service life of an asphalt pavement. Students will also understand the inspector’s role in the compaction process, how the compaction operation works, and best practices to achieve optimum density.
    Estimated Length before Exam: 135 mins
  • Module 8: Quality Assurance
    This module discusses the importance of quality assurance for constructing quality asphalt pavements. Students will learn what goes into a good quality control plan, from sampling of materials, to the parameters typically monitored, to lab and field testing, to data analysis of results.
    Estimated Length before Exam: 120 mins

Fees and Registration

For the In-Person offering ($495 USD), refreshments and snacks will be provided. Students will be responsible for their own lunch each day. Check back here for the next in-person offering to be listed.

For the On-Demand offering, follow the steps below:

  • Click the SSO button and then sign in using the same credentials that you have used before on this website. For the entire course, select the Learning Management System once you are logged in.
  • Be sure to confirm accessibility with your company’s IT policies and procedures for viewing this class on your laptop or desktop. There could be a firewall issue preventing the screen to appear. You may need to try multiple browsers to access properly.
  • * Payment is made through PayPal, either with the registrant’s own PayPal account or via credit card through PayPal’s “Check out as a guest” option. For payment instructions, please see our Learning System Checkout and Payment page, email seminars@asphaltinstitute.org or call 859-2884992 for assistance.

Entire Course (all 8 modules) ($495- includes a digital copy of MS-22) Register here

Module 1 ($85) Register here

Module 2 ($85) Register here

Module 3 ($85) Register here

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If you work for an Asphalt Institute member company and this is your first time registering, please call 859-288-4992 if you need assistance in setting up an account.

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