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This webinar is based upon Asphalt Institute IS-240, “State-of-the-Knowledge: Use of the Delta Tc Parameter to Characterize Asphalt Binder Behavior.” Delta Tc (ΔTc) is a derived asphalt binder property that has been gaining attention for the last decade. It has become a topic of focus to both researchers in the asphalt binder technical community and user agencies seeking physical property parameters that will improve hot mix asphalt pavement performance. It is generally accepted that ΔTc targets cracking behavior that is affected by asphalt binder durability related to aging of the binder in an asphalt mixture. More specifically, ΔTc provides insight into the relaxation properties of a binder that can contribute to non-load related cracking or other age-related embrittlement distresses in an asphalt pavement.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Introduction and Purpose
  • Origins of ΔTc as a Parameter
  • The Mechanics of ΔTc (Calculation of ΔTc; What the ΔTc Number Means; What ΔTc Looks Like)
  • What Affects ΔTc? (Aging; RAP and RAS; REOB/VTAE; Elastomeric Polymer)
  • Considerations When Using ΔTc (Distress Types; Recovered Binder; Precision; Practical Matters)
  • Full-Scale Test Projects and ΔTc
  • Perceived Utility of ΔTc (Agency Specifications; Considerations for Implementation; Alternatives to ΔTc for Addressing Block Cracking)
  • Recent National Research Projects and ΔTc

Who Should Attend

The webinar is intended for asphalt industry professionals who want an understanding of how the properties and composition of asphalt binders relate to relaxation and how that understanding can be used to estimate the resistance of a binder to durability cracking. At the conclusion of the webinar, participants should have a general understanding of what the Delta Tc parameter is, how it relates to relaxation, what affects relaxation, and how agencies are considering using the Delta Tc parameter in their specifications. IS-240, “State-of-the-Knowledge: Use of the Delta Tc Parameter to Characterize Asphalt Binder Behavior,” is a companion document that may be downloaded for free at /engineering/delta-tc-technical-document/.


  • R. Michael (Mike) Anderson, Director of Research and Laboratory Services
  • Greg Harder, Asphalt Institute Senior Regional Engineer

Professional Development Hours

  • 1.5 hrs., 1.5 PDHs
  • Earned PDHs and certifications can be downloaded at your convenience when logged into the Asphalt Institute Learning Portal. Using the menu icon in the upper left corner, go to the “My Activities” menu option: select either the “Courses” or “Learning Plans” option from the menu on the page. To the right of each course or learning plan you have completed will be an award icon. Clicking that icon will allow you to download the desired certificate.


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