Asphalt Institute Academy
National Binder Technician Certification Program
  • Hosting the NBTC eliminates the travel costs of your technicians and allows them to pursue certification on familiar equipment in a familiar setting.
  • Hosting the NBTC sends a clear message that the accuracy of laboratory data is a priority and an expectation for your company or agency. Certification reduces questions about the qualifications of testing personnel and demonstrates that the hosting agency is proactive in the pursuit of a reduction in testing variability.
  • Hosting the NBTC is an opportunity to bring industry professionals to your facility and for a potential partnership with the Asphalt Institute for future programs.

Many facilities have achieved individual excellence and have produced excellent in-house results. But what happens when those results are compared to those of another facility? The recognized problem is not usually whether we can achieve repeatability, but rather, can we achieve reproducibility outside of state or regional lines?

For the NBTC program to deliver the potential benefits, it must truly be a national effort. The program was first hosted in 2008 by UDOT followed by other users and producers in several states. This was a great milestone for the NBTC because in order to eliminate the ‘language barrier’ in PG binder specifications across state lines, this must be a combined effort between user and producer.

How do I become a host site?

  1. Complete and submit a ( 45KB) NBTC Host Site Application Form.
  2. Once the application is reviewed, you will be contacted by an AI representative to discuss the program and arrange for a complimentary visit to your facility. The visit is intended to evaluate the facility for appropriate meeting space, equipment & accreditation requirements and to discuss program details.
  3. If you site meets our criteria, you will receive a proposal detailing program specifics. Upon acceptance of the proposal, dates are set and a formal announcement will be distributed that registration is open.