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  • Tire Scuffing & Indentations by the Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association (PDF 124KB)
  • ABCs of Pavement Preservation (PDF 3.1MB)
  • Asphalt Spells Highway Comfort in Georgia (PDF 225KB)
  • Eliminate 12 Segregation Snarls (PDF 590KB)
  • Reconstructing America’s First Super Highway with Asphalt (PDF 326KB)
  • I-695, A Classic Example of Perpetual Pavement (PDF 795KB)
  • Intersection Strategy 1: Developing a Strategy for Better Performing Intersection Pavements (PDF 692KB)
  • Intersection Strategy 2: Ensuring Structural Adequacy-A Key Step to Intersection Strategies (PDF 664KB)
  • Intersection Strategy 3: Materials and Construction Concerns for Improved Intersection Performance (PDF 655KB)
  • Intersection Strategy 4: Three Examples of Implementing the Plan (PDF 4.3MB)
  • Life Cycle Performance (PDF 325KB)
  • LTPP Study Provides Insight on Expected Overlay Performance (PDF 165KB)
  • Maryland Intersection (PDF 290KB)
  • Overdrive’s Annual Survey Rates Pennsylvania Roads “Most Improved” (PDF 115KB)
  • Ohio Asphalt Interstates are Long Lasting and Economical (PDF 365KB)
  • Overcoming the Compaction Dilemma (PDF 705KB)
  • Perpetual Pavement on I-40 in Oklahoma City (PDF 325KB)
  • Summary of Railroad HMA Project Review (PDF 280KB)
  • Road Performance Goes Under The Microscope (PDF 286KB)
  • Test of HMA Trackbed Over Soft Subgrade Under Heavy Axle Loads (PDF 75KB)
    • You can also visit a web page on the University of Kentucky website where you can download papers, PowerPoints and also the computer program called KENTRACK, which is software for hot mix asphalt and conventional ballast railway trackbeds.
  • World’s Strongest Intersection (PDF 285KB)
  • Asphalt for Race Tracks (PDF 1.6MB)
  • Noise Reducing Asphalt Pavements (PDF 1.4MB)